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Mr and Mrs Death by blurrysarah Mr and Mrs Death by blurrysarah
Painted in photoshop....Got the inspiration from my great grandmother's wedding photo. No, she didn't marry Death, but the mood of the photo was just as sullen (you could tell she was ecstatic to be marrying the guy).

I'm not too good at skeletons obviously, I got a little lazy with Mr Death. I probably should have used a skull reference, bleh....Most of the time was spent on the Mrs...yes, I did mean for her to be that freakishly skinny.
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Sweet-Gwendoline Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010
Nice work!
Spamuel Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2005   Writer
so THATS what she looks like!
Sykoticstalker27 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2005
Wow, very cool! Awesome picture! :+fav:
SpiritHolly Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2005  Hobbyist Artist
wow, cool =D
emilami Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2002
i actually like the skull the way it is... adds to it, i think
rank Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2002   Photographer
death is a lucky man.
mr-e Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2002
fucking a... this is awesome.... insta-fav....
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darksavior Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice stuff! You did a good job on the skull but I know where your coming from ... skulls are very hard! I hate doin' hands so I try to avoid them best I can!

good work tho ... keep it up!

yohko Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2001
bTW, I remebered Grim Fandango, after lookin' at your pic

yohko Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2001
ooh, you scared me!

zecg Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2001   Writer

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zep Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
:? (Confused)

ahhh sheesh this should have one that damn contest!! :x (Mad)

there must have been a mistake!!

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odissa Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
that's awsome!
so cool!

sentience Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001

Indeed! This is quite fantastic my dear... your use of shading is practiced and skilled. It's refreshing to see a painting in black and white (my favorite medium) The detail in the dress is esquisite, very well thought out. have you eve rconsiderd clothing design. I'm guessing you have impacable fashion sense. I can tell you spent a lot of time on this piece and it paid off.


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jakub-sudra Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2001  Professional General Artist
I like the girl as much as I hate the skull.
The piece isn't scary too. So the girl and all those details are great (thought maybe she doesn't look like Mrs Death, however does she look) , but even I could draw a better Death ;) (Wink) .
ekud Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
wow sarah, you're one talented chicky! what a fantastic painting!!!!

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lilangelicdevil Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2001   Photographer
Wow...this is awsome! I love how the two go did an awsome job here (yet again!) Her dress is perfect for her. hehe yea i agree with aysel...if i was a guy id def want to jump into bed with her! but since im a girl (and the little part of that its a drawing) thats not going to happen. oh well! great job though

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aysel Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2001
woohoo... the mrs. looks nice :D (Big Grin) If I wasn't a circle I'd do her :P (Razz) lmao.. :o (Eek) .... wait, I'm female... strange... Crazy

anyway, she's nice.. I like how she came out, more work on mr.death really could be done. The mrs. looks great, her dress is nice too, looks kinda like a saloon girly ;) (Wink)

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----josh---- Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2001
It's all been said, what they all said up there. Mrs Death looks a little unsure of herself..... I wonder why :P (Razz)

I love it.

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solstice Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001   Writer
wow, this is intense
i love her hair and dress, they look really unique and fit the whole idea. the girl's eyes are also really well done - hehe, mr death sure looks happy

and the lighting's great :) (Smile)
cherii Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001  Student
I love it. the highlights and everything are great. The skull does look nice, but yeah...skulls are hard. Sorry for your grandma

hitodama Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
*Approaches you slowly and bows* Your art impresses me in more ways than one. I love it!

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shr00m Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001
wow..i think this is one of ur bests so far. the mood is captured perfectly with the total grey scale look.The dress on the girl is outstanding. All the ripples to it through the lining of it is outstanding. The black roses in here hands add such effect and darkness to it. Her smooth tender "freakishly" skintone and weight is excellent for this piece. Her hair is awesome. the way it bunches up and goes to the back and sides is great. Death looks mucho and very dark and secretive like he should be. The skull on him looks perfectly fine. I don't know why you don't like it. And the way you have his hand going around her on her arm is awesome. Back to the girl..The way you done her eyes show great effect and adds the skin tone to a darker perspective about herself and her eyes. I love how her chest pops out and goes back to her stomach to skin/bones again =P (Razz) This is one my favorites. Excellent job.

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d3m0ni0 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001
The girl is great...I can see a lotsa work there...especially on the dress...very detailed...a wonderful work indeed...I also like her face...very in the mood of death... :D (Big Grin)

Well. What to say about the skeleton. If you want me to be sincere then ill say im not that fond of it.

Ok. you said that you spent most of yr time on the girl but that doesnt mean I have to say i like the skeleton, does it? :) (Smile)
His tunic is ok...but his face...mmm. I think you should work more on it.

Its a great pic tho. And, i really wish it won the contest :) (Smile)

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-tigerlily- Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001

oohh i love that! it's so neat. i love gray and i love how you put it that way. Great job!
babysista Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001
cripes, that's a lotta comments :o (Eek) well anyway... i loooooove her dress. didju by any chance get the name of the maker? =D (Big Grin) kidding. but really. i love the dress. the way it crumples is very realistic. i notice that all your girls are freakishly skinny with freakishly big boobs. can you say, barbie doll? =P (Razz) and yea... death does look a little strange but the fingers are too cool. the face could be bigger though but damn this is a cool piece of art. =D (Big Grin) /me bows to your skillz.

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magic Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001
Hey nice work !!!

// Mike \\

princesnoopy Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
*takes a drink from the last comment, then takes another for his comment*

wow this is awesome!

the cracks on death's skull could be a little more subtle, they just kinda... pop out there, and don't look natural.

Other than that you have some great talent Sarah!

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krash Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001  Professional Photographer

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xhaos Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001
I'm back for another (long-winded) attempt =D (Big Grin)

It looks like you used a 'sharpen' filter, as a lot of the bright areas are very bright, and there's a lot of crispy detail in white. I'm not at all sure what this proves.. it does look good, however.

the little thing around mrs death's neck looks like a texture on a 3D model, and that's really weird.

the way the corset (?) hugs her body shows her figure much more effectively than tone usually does, and the bottom part of the dress not only looks great because of the amazing detail, but because it flows out from around her waist. I also like the way her dress ripples right at the top, as though the constricting part is a bit lower, although i think the top part of her dress could be brought up to the level of the bottom.

she has a very strong-lined face, but she also looks quite beautiful, in a very dark and brooding way. her hair also looks cool, like it's almost in dreads.

mr death's skull (face?) is getting close to being the skull of an animal, the area around the nose-hole (heh) has some very sharp parts, which i think are more rounded on humans (maybe) - and the way his cloak flows and ripples is very well done. the point where the left (relative to me) side of his claok dissapears under the right side looks particularily good, for some reason.

the one area that needs work, i think, it mr death's hand on her arm. it looks like it's just sitting there, and appears out of nowhere; there's no real evidence of his arm sticking out as far as the cloak is concerned.

and i'm not even going to write about the flowers. you know they're good ;) (Wink)

keep it up, man =) (Smile)

Xhaos - Lord Of The Spline
zep Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist

definately one of your best so far!

the mood you conjured is so depressing and grim, but at the same time I can see the funny side; reminds be slightly of Tim Burton's Beetle Juice.... that same kind of sick, twisted humourous feeling.

I love the teeth on Death and his hand gripping on her arm is real spooky.

Her dress is amazing, I love the shiningness and the detail.

Ohhh, and of course I love her hair :) (Smile)

I sure hope this wins something.

Well done Sarah, you the bestest. (`..-Take me by the wrist..)
chosenone- Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001
I think we have a winner! :D (Big Grin)
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cyclonex Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001

Get A LIFE !!! LOL
louie2000 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001
by far the best haloween thing ive seen to date. your airbrushing is perfect as always and i think its amazing how much emotion you can get in their faces. they seem more than pictures.

blackspyder Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
you rule...

marry me. be my love monkey.

archnemesis Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
well, i guess i won't be entering now ;) (Wink)

Good work Sah, definetely up to your usual standards. The b&w effect works really well here, and your brushin' skills accentuate that of course.

Great work, and good luck for the comp! =D (Big Grin)

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sole Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
oo, good lighting, nice texturing, very sarah-like :D (Big Grin) like the b&w, makes it look old like death. her arms are in porportion (fuck spellings) and the light sits on the boobas (WOH COUGH) very nicely.

the only thing weird/wrong i could find is the eyes. they look slightly retorded on mrs. death, and a little asymmetrical and stupified on mr death. otherwise, perfect :) (Smile) .......Bug
xhaos Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
it's all good...

especially the flowers ( ? ) she's holding. this is going to win something for sure.

Xhaos - Lord Of The Spline
computerologist Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001  Hobbyist
whoa...that is amazing...i can see how much work you put into this...especially mrs. death...the detail is fantastic

-olo- (a.k.a.) -unlogikal-
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loiden Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
mm.. this is so sweet.. The style is so great.. it really is creapy.. and the use of colors m.. perfect.. I really like this drawing its awsome.. and I cant see anything wrong... mm.. I cant even see the thing that some talk about the skelleton.. mm... so sweet.. great work sarah :) (Smile)

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flummox Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
I am very intrigued by your creativity.
I love your use of light in everything you do.

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battlewax Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
Wow this is really good. I wouldn't say anything is wrong with this. I call it artistic liscense.

Damn good job.

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keine-eier Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
yeah, the skeleton does need some work...specifically the eyes and the (my) right side of the jaw...but it is definately very nice. an awesome job, u r truely 1337 :) (Smile)
five Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
sweet man, kickass detail.

{ 5 }
epsilion Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
winner :) (Smile)
you've got crazy skills.
immortus Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
can I be death? she's freakin hot
southern5footer Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
i love this. the shiny dark feeling is rad... her dress is cool

Southern Chick: Country Girl, With a City Attitude
real nice work here, I like the subtle patterns on Mrs. Death's dress.
as for Mr. Death; he probably isn't worth spending much time on...
good job
jibrille Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001   Interface Designer
you should also submit it under the Halloween contest thing.. It has that feel to it.

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xshock Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2001
awesome work! i love the black and white style of it, and the detail on the mrs' dress. and her hair. and her face. actually she's kinda cute.... /me feels jealous of mr death.... :o (Eek)
:D (Big Grin)
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